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Customizing your WordPress login page is certainly a cool thing! It’s basically the last step on your way to white-labeling your WordPress website entirely.

Two reasons why you might want to customize your WordPress login page:

  • The obvious reason … branding. With your logo featured right above the login form, your website no longer looks like something put together in an afternoon, but like a completely custom-built creation.
  • Security. Having an additional security check on your WordPress login page will prevent hacker attacks and bots trying to break in.

How to customize your WordPress login page?

There are plenty of free and premium plugins that can do this. To be honest, this is really easy, no matter which one you choose.

We’ve picked 3 of the most popular login customizer plugins around, installed them, and experimented with each one to show you how to quickly customize your WordPress login page.

1. Custom Login Customizer

custom login customizercustom login customizer

From our own catalog, this is a great free plugin. It is very easy to use and provides an awesome live customizer for your WordPress login page, so you can see exactly how the final result is going to look like in real time.

Using this plugin is really simple. All you need is to install it in your dashboard and activate it.

Then, go to Appearance » Login Customizer » Start Customizing!

The live customizer will open up, letting you do all the changes inside the sidebar to the left, and see the live preview to the right. Click on Login Customizer and start picking your desired options.

login customizerlogin customizer

You can upload your logo and set its size, choose a background color or image, pick the login form’s background and size, the styling of the individual fields, the login button appearance, the colors, and you can even add custom CSS.

I played around a little bit, and this is what I got:

Customize WordPress Login PageCustomize WordPress Login Page

2. Custom Login Plugin

custom login plugincustom login plugin

A popular WordPress login page customization plugin. It comes with an intuitive and friendly interface that lets you have a lot of fun while customizing your WordPress login page. Custom Login Plugin provides you with a very detailed range of options overall.

Just install the plugin, activate it, and go to Settings » Admin Custom Login. Enable the custom login and start experimenting with the customization variants offered by the plugin.

There are lots of options here. You can change the background color and image, use a background slideshow for both the general background and the one inside the form. You can use up to 6 sliders, and you can also pick transition effects.

background custom login pluginbackground custom login plugin

You can also add custom social icons and import/export the plugin’s settings from/to somewhere else. Overall, a very friendly and playful experience with this plugin. Here’s what I’ve managed to get:

demo 2demo 2

Note. You need to click on “Save Changes” every time you customize a certain tab.

3. Custom Login Creator – Login Page Styler

custom login creatorcustom login creator

A great and super friendly plugin when it comes to customizing your WordPress login page, being one of the highest rated plugins in its field. It has a playful and intuitive settings page, and offers lots of great options.

Install the plugin, and look for “Login Page Styler” in your dashboard menu.

But there’s a problem.

Despite its greatness, it also has many restrictions. For instance, you can’t use background images if you don’t switch to the pro version. You can’t change the login form position, opacity, the hover settings for the buttons, the logo size, and many other things like that.

custom login creator settingscustom login creator settings

Overall, the final result looks modern and engaging. But the restrictions in the free version make this plugin a little less functional than the two other ones here.

login creator demologin creator demo

The best plugin to customize your WordPress login page with?

After experimenting with all three, I loved the way Custom Login Creator worked in the back-end. I loved how easily you can customize everything and the fact that it offers a modern, playful design.

On the other hand, there’s hardly anything in it if you don’t want to pay for the pro version.

Overall, all the three plugins kind of do the same thing and I like them all.


Custom Login Customizer has a lot of awesome features. First of all, it lets you customize your WordPress login page live, so you can see what it looks like after every small change you make, without having to open another tab to see the results separately. Secondly, there are security features available if you’re willing to buy the add-on.

So, if you’re looking for a more functional solution that gives you a lot of stuff for free, Custom Login Customizer will suit you perfectly.

But of course, since all three are free (in their standard versions) I encourage you to check them all out and see for yourself.

Have you tested any of these plugins? Tell us what you think about them.

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